The Lost Supper

Come see my most recent creation! Indulge in a new experience at the McKittrick Hotel.

The Lost Supper

 "For moments, it felt like I had really left New York City in 2018 and traveled back in time to a dreamlike (or nightmarish) version of the American dinner party. This strange space soon became the reality and yet, leaving it felt like it may have never happened, as if it were all a dream."

-Shaye Weaver of AM NY

 Limited Run! Closes September 8th. 

The Lost Supper




The Lost Supper

a surreal dinner party

Sweeney Todd

Since being back in the states and coming back from China, I've been upstate working with Adam Barruch and company Anatomiae Occultii. We're developing the second act of Sweeney Todd, a dance theater production of the work and we are so excited to be back at it. Visit for more information!


lulu party, more teaching and tours!

exciting things in the works!

I'm choreographing, singing and dancing in the launch party for Lululemon's new line, LAB. My video for it is posted here.

I've started teaching yoga at both Shambhala in Brooklyn and Crunch Gym! Look out for me on the schedule!

I'll be skipping outa town from May 7- June 20, on tour to Ireland and beyond with Luke Murphy/Attic Projects! The Project "On Triumph and Trauma"'s US official debut is on Martha's Vineyard(The Yard) in June, once we get back from the UK.


The Grand Paradise is officially open as of last week! 

Come visit us in Bushwick! We've been getting rave reviews...

Heres just a few

Back in the city

After an incredibly rich 2+ month period of time traveling I'm back in the city. Excited to start new things. 

Check out some videos of Sweeney Todd with Adam Barruch Dance in Santa Barbara

More to come from working with the wonderful Luke Murphy as well.

Moving forward, I'm joining the cast of "The Grand Paradise" with Third Rail Projects. Extremely exciting!

Last week in the McKittrick

It is my last week in the McKittrick Hotel.

Lots of sadness to leave but excitement for the future. 

In my weeks after I leave the place I've called home for almost 4 years, I will be part of these two amazing projects. Stay Tuned!

On Triumph and Trauma (Luke Murphey)

Sweeney Todd (Adam Barruch)


I'm teaching lots this month. Come practice with me!

At Life In Motion every monday at 12:30

In addition, here's when and where to practice with me

Life In Motion- 10/12 (9am and 10:45) 10/17 (12:30) 10/21 (9am and 10:45) 10/24 (2:15)

Park Slope Yoga- 10/24 (9:15 and 11)

Gibney Dance 280- 10/28, 10/30, 11/4, 11/6 (9 am)

TDM wraps

This past weekend was not only Independence Day in the US but it was the final show and wrap party for The Drowned Man, a Hollywood Fable, here in London. It was a thrilling show leaving us all feeling very bittersweet. What an honor to be a part of such an astounding production.